In today’s times, we are living in a world of uncertainty. Our time of work or even our time to eat or drink is very uncertain. Humans today are machines who work day and night either to succeed or to keep themselves busy. From all the above-mentioned categories, there comes freelancers or new business starters. If you are starting your own business, the first thing that comes to your mind is your office location. There are several ways that you wish to design your location. You can think about your layouts, designs, and make them contemporary and anything you wish to do. However, if that workplace does not suit your work hours, all that investment is a waste.


Best Coworking space in Pakistan

What is proven to be a great budget-friendly idea when you are starting your new business is to use a coworking space. Coworking enables you to collaborate with other businesses and give your business exposure to a wider audience. These spaces have a diverse environment and people from different areas visit from time to time. Coworking spaces promote a healthy, collaborative, and versatile workspace where everyone is welcomed, and the job of every nature is catered.


Other Coworking Spaces

We live in a country like Pakistan and the business hub of the country is Lahore. Lahore is an industry for call centers and international freelancers. Many people come to this city in hope of better earnings and starting a new calling setup. However, the international call center operates in a time zone when we have a night in Pakistan. In this case, coworking spaces are not a suitable option as most of these spaces have a time restriction. So, what can you do in a situation like this? Buying and setting up your calling system can be a job and you need good money to invest in having your own setup which is not possible when you are just starting.



Flexible Hours

What if we told you that our coworking space is operational 24 hours a day and 7 days a week? YES! We cater to our client’s queries 365 days a year and our closing rate is 95%. Coloc.Work is stated on the busy road of Gulberg with easy access to public transport, surrounded by Lahore eateries. We operate 24 hours a day to make your working schedule with us flexible. We have membership for Early Birds, Vampire, and Denizen.

Early birds are for members who work in the day, Vampires are for people who work at night and Denizen are for those hard workers who like to work around the clock; 12 hours a day. We are open to cater any work nature. Call center setup, freelancer setup, a private office, or anything. We are flexible with our times which gives our clients a wide range of time slots to choose from.



Availability of Management

You do not have to rush to an office of yours thinking that you are going to be late today. You do not need to worry about management because our management will have everything covered for you 24-hours a day. Coloc.Work and management are always available. We have our management scheduled in a way that we never leave our clients alone to be worried about anything.



Janitorial Staff

Imagine buying an office and worrying about serving food, cleaning, removing garbage, and so much. Our coworking space provides you with an office assistant who is available 24-hours to help you with everything. You just worry about work; we take care of the rest!