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When the globe switched to remote work around the outset of the epidemic, employees’ adaptability became immediately obvious. Many employees who were suddenly compelled to work from home were able to execute their jobs just as well – or perhaps better – than they did in the office. According to one poll of over a million employees of many organizations, productivity stayed unchanged or rose when employees began working remotely, employees have demonstrated that remote work is both feasible and lucrative. Some big, primarily tech-focused organizations, such as Facebook, Upwork, and Slack, are migrating to full-time remote employment. 

Many others, on the other hand, advocate for a return to the coworking space, whether part-time or full-time. 

However, now that we’ve seen how we can conduct our work efficiently from home and discovered ways to stay connected with colleagues, what is the office truly for – and is it feasible to make people want to be there? It’s a big topic that businesses are attempting to solve. The contemporary office has evolved significantly during the previous 20 years. So if industry people demand of an office and working in an office then they should be working on the architecture of the office too. 

 The early 2000s saw the demise of cubicle farms and the growth of open floorplans, while 2015 saw the introduction of ping pong and foosball tables into workplaces throughout the country. While office fads come and go, one constant is the influence that the workplace has on employee health and well-being. 

 Well-designed shared office space in Lahore creates a less stressful and more productive environment. Businesses must consider their employees’ physical working environment. Employees must feel at ease and tranquil in their physical work environments to accomplish their best work. To make employees feel at home after the pandemic era Coloc Work is providing residential vibes; “resi-mercial”.It’s a blend of a residential and commercial feel. They are providing healthier workspace benefits, with options ranging from wellness rooms, company fitness benefits, sit-stands, healthy lunch options, and ergonomic seating. For coloc work employs comfort comes first so they have invested a lot in interior and exterior design. 

Coloc Work focuses on seven concepts of building performance: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort, and Mind. Let’s dive deeper into the Coloc Work concept 


  • The quality of air within an office can have a significant impact on your employees’ health and in turn productivity.  
  • Implement a no-smoking policy 
  • Develop green cleaning protocols and keep the office clutter-free 
  • Install air filtration systems 
  • Maintain a healthy level of humidity 
  • Add some office plants 
  • Open windows 


Our brains are 73% water, so water consumption helps improve sleep quality and energy levels, as well as our ability to focus, our clarity of mind, and our awareness and alertness. This, in turn, helps us become more productive at work. Here are a few ways they help their employees by increasing their water intake: 

  • Provide safe drinking water 
  • Install a water cooler 
  • Educate employees about the benefits of drinking water 
  • Host water challenges 


We’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat,” and this saying might be especially true in the workplace. They Encourage better eating habits and food culture with these tips 

  • Limit access to processed foods 
  • Label food clearly for food allergies 
  • Improve access to good handwashing facilities 
  • Make nutritional information available 
  • Promote healthy food options over advertising unhealthy ones 
  • Foster mindful eating – create dedicated eating spaces 


For lights they have  

  • Consider adding skylights 
  • Control glare 
  • Maximize natural lighting 
  • Moved big, bulky furniture that blocks sunlight  
  • Replace flickering lights 
  • Layer different types of lighting in a workspace, such as ambient and task lighting 


Exercise increases the blood flow to the brain, employees get a boost of energy and alertness. This can also sharpen their concentration and decision-making skill. A few ways to encourage movement at work include offering: 

  • Open and accessible stairways 
  • Adjustable workstations 
  • Space for physical activity 


A few ways to create distraction-free, comfortable environments include: 

  • Ergonomically crafted work areas with the ability to alternate from sitting to standing positions 
  • Provide employees with different areas to work during their day 
  • Limit sound from building systems and create quiet zones 
  • Create breakout areas, hot-desking and informal meeting areas, and creative spaces for brainstorming 


The interior design of an office considers the occupants such as creating both breakout space and social space, improvements are found in concentration, collaboration, confidentiality, and creativity it optimizes employees’ emotional health through the following strategies: 

  • They have created collaborative spaces, as well as areas to relax and de-stress 
  • They have added greenery: potted plants, living walls, or flower gardens 
  • Design outdoor spaces (rooftop patio or staff garden) 
  • They offer flexibility – give options for where and how employees want to work 

Now you can be working space in Lahore at an office with a vibe like home. Coloc Work is just not another office that provides the same old office routine. They provide with your comfortable working hours and provide you with charming salary. 

With the firm belief in the following quote Coloc work is coming not so slow 

“Creative spark happens more naturally when people are together.” 

According to Coloc Work there will always be a benefit to sharing physical space with colleagues, the way they have designed and used the best coworking space in Gulberg there is no way you don’t feel uncomfortable. They also offer an alternative to, remote work. That may come in the form of hybrid models that give people the flexibility to work wherever they’re most productive and use the office mainly for social or collaborative activities. 

Now, we may do most of our work alone behind our screens. But no matter how digitally dependent the future is, we’re still social creatures, and a physical office – in some form – still serves a purpose. it’s not the same as someone shaking your hand and making eye contact and saying, ‘thank you, I truly appreciate it,'” says one. You can’t do everything online. People require people.”  

And when meetup happens it is essential to be comfortable. 

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