No Alone Work Zone- CoWorking Space in Gulberg

CoWorking Space in Gulberg

Coloc.Work- CoWorking Space in Gulberg

Co-working is a self-directed, collaborative, flexible, and voluntary work style based on mutual trust and the sharing of common core values between its participants. Coloc.Work is a coworking space in Gulberg serving this purpose to its patrons over the past few years. Our office involves a shared workplace for office work and independent working activities.

Unlike in a typical office, co-working spaces are not employed by the same organization. Typically, it is attractive to work-at-home kind of people. Professionals, independent contractors, independent writers, or people who travel frequently tend to get isolated and have to work alone usually get involved in these office spaces.

What Coloc.Does work serve you?

Co-working spaces serve their patrons with a ton of different facilities and services. Starting from a super flexible working schedule to entrepreneur opportunities through socializing and networking, and everything else that falls in between.

Plus in this era of increased inflation where everything is getting out of one’s hands, these shared office spaces put forward budget-friendly packages for their clients. Coloc.Work is a shared office space in Lahore that facilitates its desk and office holders with a whole lot of facilities at the most affordable rates.

We are serving new start-ups, young entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers, and the independent working class with top-notch working facilities and office services. Our glamorous location attracts most of the modern working class who strive for modest looks and the alluring appearance of their workplace.

We occupy a modest infrastructure, and our office spaces are so clean and kept maintained with modern furniture and machinery. You can enhance your working productivity through communication with fellows while working in our office spaces. Socializing and networking are the basic flexes of working with us and they can serve you in uncounted ways.

Best Coworking Space In Your Area

Apart from everything, you can design your working schedule at your convenience for working in a coworking space is not like working in a typical office from 9-5. We offer two slots of eight hours each, so you can book from any of them according to your work demands and needs.

Like, if you are a freelancer at night and a student in the morning, we for sure could be your best work allies. Rent in our night slot and get done with your work while attending your classes in the morning parallel. And if the other way around, we are still here to serve you your desired purposes.

Our staff is super trained, well mannered, and cooperative with all of our clients. You shall not be able to hear a single complaint of misbehaving or misdealing with someone. We have a home-like environment in our office space. Everyone respects each other like their own family.

When you work with us, we not only serve you with the best and most glamorous location and infrastructure but also with the fastest internet as well as some best coffee/tea at our mini bar. Also, you can enjoy meals during your work hour for we also have a dine-in facility for you.

Major Benefits of working in our CoWorking Space

Research has shown that co-working spaces promote feelings of contributing to more meaningful work. Courtesy of having a sense of job control, and building a sense of community. Apart from basic office amenities such as furniture, internet connections, restrooms, air conditioning, etc., we put forward.

1. Hot Desks.

2. Dedicated Desks.

3. Offices.

4. Private Meeting Room.

5. Kitchens with Coffee and Tea Machines.

6. Dine-in for Meal Breaks.

7. Sense of Community due to the Flexible and Open Environment.

8. Cost-effective

9. Work Flexibility.

10. The Modern and Futuristic Design of our Workspace provides Positive Energy and Vibes.

Why Choose Coloc.Work?

Before you hop on the train of our coworking space in Lahore, you should understand why people are shifting towards it. Co-working is a work approach that is based on mutual trust. All the participants involved tend to share similar core values.

This creates a palpable synergy between individuals and groups who work alongside each other. One of the problems that co-working spaces help to solve is that of being isolated and alone, which many freelancers, work-at-home professionals, and independent contractors face while working on their own.

Co-working in Pakistan has major growth potential with the rising number of startup communities. It is in major cities such as Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi among many more already have major competition in this industry, and rest assured, co-working spaces are the future of working.

Future of Working Pattern

There are different types of co-working spaces which are shared office spaces for rent between individuals or a group of individuals. These act as affordable working spaces for different people: entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small or medium-sized startups.

These are also large-scale house corporate with over a thousand employees, who are looking for flexible office leasing options. This has led to various businesses adapting to the coworking space concept. Evolution in this industry has occurred in the form of the expansion of such facilities and the innovation of the core values of coworking space in Gulberg.

Rather than just being a different type of office space that provides you with different types of office requirements, many co-working spaces have started to cater to civic needs. This includes education, gyms, swimming pools, creating demographic-specific workplaces, providing insurance to freelancers, and much more.

The atmosphere inside a co-working environment is different from that of corporate cubicles. The energy and vibes of the people occupying the space are amazing to witness. You will find young freelancers, talented individuals, and groups in various businesses talking about work, while some sit at their private desks, completely engrossed in work sipping away at their tea or coffee.

The office culture of co-working spaces is very flexible, allowing people to better harmonize with one another and enhance teamwork by negating some barriers to communication that are often present in rigid corporate structures. The most common suspects of these spaces include freelancers and start-ups, and a recent trend has begun where larger organizations are seeing the benefits of shared office space and opting to use them rather than buying complete offices or renting whole buildings.

Wrapping Up

The working culture has changed, and it has caused some major abortions in workplace patterns. One of these many changes is the rise of the co-working community in the market. Coloc.Work stepped into its community market to facilitate people in need of these workspaces and aid the market with the best coworking space in Gulberg. Like any other work project, it started small and as of today, it is running at its full length and strength. We are always more than pleased to help you and your work. Feel free to rent from us at any hour of the day!

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