Most coworking spaces around typically offer a regular set of services to their clients, including a hot desk or dedicated desk, a way to a very Fast Internet Connection, and the use of shared office facilities like a printer, scanner, or whatever. Coworking society also includes access to private meetings and conference rooms. However, many coworking spaces go above and beyond the regular package, to stand out in a frequently competing marketplace.

A coworking space is a place that can be defined as a business runway and IT equipment helps-in to go a long way. As a Coworking services provider, our road to IT equipment is always business first. Our idea of IT As A Service from a business point of view is to look at what provides the most significance to your particular business. As a result, we will not necessarily recommend the premium version of our IT service as it turns out that the costs surpass the business value. Nowadays more and more businesses are buying into the idea of “IT Equipment As A Service”. The advantage of this idea is that you can often deliver significant savings by borrowing IT equipment rather than having it and what better place than a Coworking space to do that.

Coworking space IT service

Our Reputable and Affordable Coworking provides every service regarding hardware and software as well to the business in need. We provide PC, Laptops, chargers, headsets but our service is much more than just that. Some of Coloc’s IT services are listed below.

Network equipment

Our Coworking space IT service includes networking equipment which includes Ethernet Cables, Modem, Patch Panels, Whitelisting IPs, Routers & Switches. But Networking is much more than that, With the help of front-running technologies, we utilize and establish, industry-leading tools to create networking design & IT infrastructures that will help maximize productivity, reduce operational expenses, and perform complex alliances. 

Televisions & Cameras

Our coworking space helps startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs in every way possible. We provide camera access to our clients who are always worried about their stuff. We also provide them TV facility so they can do meetings with their clients and employees to get a better understanding of things.

Development And Marketing

One of the things that Covid19 taught businesses so far so good is to have an online presence. Companies are now engaging in a time-space where having a strong online presence is vital, not only for success or prosperity but precisely for survival. The absence of a strong digital appearance is estimated to be a relevant part of the failure of many businesses and firms. With limited budgets, businesses need to be wise about how they utilize technologies for maximum impact, and that’s where we came in helping businesses.

Coworking space IT service

The best thing that we help startups is with developing their online presence on the best CMS possible like WordPress, Web Flow, or whatever is preferred by our clients. However, we also provide quality digital marketing facilities which include SEO, PPC, SMM, Email Marketing, Content Writing/Marketing, etc. Our digital marketing services drive results and are customer-focused. We aim to offer an overpowering combination of strategy, creativity, design, and technology to create a lasting digital solution for you that excites your targeted audience, drives conversion, and business growth.


From the very beginning of this journey, there are certain values taught in our Coworking Space AKA Coloc.Work:

  • Clients are like family and we prioritize our family and deliver. For us, our Coloc Family is first, Employees Second, and Owner third.
  • Our idea of coworking is to believe in ideas and help people achieve them whether it is with or without IT services.
  • We believe in creating a vibe where entrepreneurship grows.
  • We believe in Quality and Productive Work.

We are thankful to every member and teammate who trusted us, believed in our idea of coworking, and helped us grow the best coworking society in Pakistan.

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