We are currently facing this nationwide pandemic, our world as we know it has been shaken to its very core. Historically, we have never faced these kinds of depressing and debilitating times in our lives. When everything was falling apart, businesses and offices were closed and People were working from home with a lack of motivation and inconsistency.  During these challenging times, co-working spaces have remained open and have provided freelancers and small business owners with a platform to run their businesses. There indeed came the point for these spaces that the memberships were declined. Nonetheless, they adopted to reduce capacity but remained open to serve their purpose. Just like any other business, this pandemic affected coworking spaces as well.


Now that we have learned and are adapted to this virus. Now, Offices and Businesses are operational with the proper implementation of SOPs. Likewise, spaces worldwide are also gradually escalating their operations again. Whereas, some coworking spaces like Coloc Work never closed their doors. No matter how dangerous the threat to the virus was, we proceeded to perform our operations and ensuring that our clients were provided with the best services. However, the legal requirements were verified, and proper SOPs were followed.

However nowadays Corona Virus might have slowed down a bit, but it is not disappeared. It is indeed spreading less frequently than before, and the number of cases is significantly reduced. However, most businesses have forgotten about the legal restrictions, and they are operating under full capacity. In contrast, co-working spaces never closed, and they have been running on a low capacity even after the strictest restrictions have been lifted. Even for co-working spaces, it will take some time to go back to their former ability. This is because of the following reasons:

  1. The economic situation has changed

Most working spaces have indeed benefited from this lockdown to some extent. As many people were self-employed and they were looking for new workspaces with flexible hours. However, now since there has been an extended lockdown –  it has changed people’s habits. Former members who came to co-working spaces have run out of money or are have drawn themselves socially. Which means they deny to return to a co-working space or join another one.

Another reason is that most people have started enjoying additional time in the private circle, especially financially secured, and continue to get paid from working from home. They are happy with the extended lockdown situation, and they do not think that they need a professional, social environment. Moreover, they do not feel the obligation to socially interact, as this lockdown has made most of us highly antisocial.

  1. The internal situation

Another reason that is stopping the growth of the working spaces is that the conditions that are obligated strongly influence the atmosphere of a coworking space. There are many strict regulations now, which include wearing a mask for a whole working day which can make a workspace less attractive and uncomfortable to the people.

Moreover, the sole cause of co-working spaces was to allow socialization and collaboration, which now is not possible while we keep following the SOPs. Another reason why co-working spaces might find it difficult to get back on track is that these workspaces are known to host events and meetings. However, not many people are allowed to attend meetings and events. It is only possible in a very closed yet safe environment.

Most co-working spaces offered tea, coffee, and beverages as an amenity. However, in the current situation, while the threat of the virus is hanging around, people are reluctant to eat offered food, especially when it is not served in something disposable. We understand that following the SOPs is important. However, this has killed the feel of a healthy work working space.

Welcoming our valuable clients back

Every Client is valuable to us and It is true that it is difficult for co-working spaces to continue to provide their services to the fullest, yet we welcome our members back wholeheartedly. We are following all the SOPs taking all the hygiene measures, and performing social distancing between these. While we are emailing our current and new members about our new policies, we are also providing disinfectants, hand sanitizers, and flu kits. This is because we want our members to feel not only safe but also feel welcome and comfortable.

This is another new challenge, yet we assure you that we will accomplish it.

Why choose us?

No matter how extreme the circumstances have been and how this pandemic affected coworking spaces, Coloc Work has always maintained its quality of services. While many co-working spaces raised their charges during this pandemic, we continued serving with honesty and dignity.