Coworking spaces enable you to collaborate with other businesses. However, people do not understand that co-working is more than just a workplace for collaboration. In recent times,  when we were stuck with the covid-19 wave, most workers were devastated by the reality of working from home. Although most of us dreamt of working from home, it did not turn out well for most of us. Are you wondering what was the reason or what went wrong? We have tried asking freelancers who have always been under the liability of working independently with a workplace. It turned out that they are not much happy about an independent workplace either.

Now, the question here is, What Can We Do? Should we stop freelancing or work from home? Is it even possible? Well, the short answer is – no, we can not. What can we do then? We can help you!

In times like these, when there is nothing but uncertainty about workplaces, it would be best if you look for co-working spaces. Here we have listed ways through which freelancers can benefit from co-working spaces:

Decreased productivity

One of the most common reasons why freelancing or working from home is devastating is that most freelancers are hit by realizing that working from home is lonely, distracting, and demotivating. It automatically leads to the feeling of unproductivity. Working from home might indeed save your time, rent and keep you from a depressing cubicle. However, most home-workers outweigh the benefits while they are not much beneficial for business.

Lack of Interaction

Man is indeed a social animal. You may not feel like socializing on some days, but this interaction is essential when we talk about productivity. Although working from home might save you from petty office politics, human interaction is vital to keep you motivated and focused.


Just as too much sugar can ruin the taste, experiencing too much comfort might end up tasting bitter. Home is a luxury, but it can soon become demotivating when it is the middle of the week, and you have nowhere to go – not even to your office. Just like a home is an escape from your work and social life, your workplace is an escape from distractions and demotivation.

How can CoWorking Spaces Help Freelancers?

There is an increased demand for co-working spaces because they offer a solution to all of the above problems. As remote working is a trend now, many freelancers are more inclined to choose co-working spaces. This growth shows no slowing soon, not just because they offer a solution, but because they are beneficial for freelancers for many reasons. Some common benefits of co-working space are:

  • Increased Productivity

    Freelancers and independent works who use co-working spaces have reported an immense increase in their productivity. It is because co-working spaces have opposite aspects of demotivation. These spaces give freelancers the benefits of getting up and going to a workplace rather than going back to their couch. Once they are in a co-working space, they would not be distracted by the chores of the home but will be motivated by the vibrant and professional atmosphere. Rather than having just your cat with you for company, you have talented entrepreneurs and freelancers around at a co-working space.

  • Healthy Work Environment

When you are at your home, you cannot decide the environment you are working in. It is because you might get uninvited guests, or your neighbor might have loud music on, or our toddler decides to spill something. Co-working spaces were specifically designed to give freelancers an environment that can boost their creativity, critical thinking, and productivity. These spaces have a build-out structure of productivity for surprisingly tricky tasks.

  • Financial Benefits

Most freelancers are reluctant to opt for a co-working space because they think that working from home is cheaper than a collaborative space. Yes, working from home is indeed cheaper as you do not have to pay for bills. However, most people do not understand that it can cause them more in the long run. The reason is, working from home has your productivity and output at stake. Moreover, the benefits of working in a collaborative environment are much more than the money it will cost.

  • Greater Exposure

As co-working spaces have a collaborative environment, they offer an excellent opportunity to showcase your business and highlight your work. There are various freelancers and entrepreneurs. You might be looking for a web developer or a photographer, and they might be sitting right next to you. It helps you connect with other businesses, which is the easiest way to market your business. Moreover, you can collaborate with other business owners who have walked in your shoes and get the guidance to face certain obstacles. Co-working spaces hold business events, where exchanging business events is very common.

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