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Coloc.Work- Co-Working Space in Gulberg

As remote working is getting more popular and flexible, more and more masses want to work remotely. While at the same time they want to avoid isolation, loneliness, and lack of professional interactions so, the solution to that is co-working spaces. Coloc.Work is a coworking space in Gulberg most popular among young entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business start-ups. Here is everything you need to know about co-working spaces before you decide to thrive through one.

Co-Working Spaces

Of course, for a better understanding of how co-working spaces operate, we first need to know what exactly co-working spaces are. There are so many questions to ask when you start exploring co-working spaces as a way to work remotely or work in person with colleagues and other creatives, tech professionals, or entrepreneurs.

A shared office space where individuals, groups, teams, or campaigns come together to work side-by-side with each other, yet independently in their certain boundaries is called a coworking space. People enjoy working in a community environment which gives them a professional vibe. They relish the same services and facilities while working in these shared office spaces.

Let’s explore what co-working spaces are and help answer all of the co-working-related questions that you may have!

How does a Co-working Space Work?

While every coworking spaces are a little different from the other, it’s a general conception that co-working spaces allow professionals to share office space in some capacity. Co-working spaces function like other shared spaces. Take, for example, a shared apartment. People living there share things like the kitchen, the common areas, and the bathroom.

Co-working spaces are similar, but on a grander level, and in a professional sense. You could compare a shared working place to an office, but in a much broader sense. While a traditional office has employees of a single company or organization, co-working spaces are inviting to people from many different professions, industries, companies, and walks of life. And that’s exactly how a co-working space works.

What a Coworking space should have in it?

This could very well be a long and comprehensive list if we were to cover every different type of shared office space out there. In this article, we shall go over the shared offices that appeal to most people. Creative spaces that are affordable and have like-minded members.

For most people, a co-working space must have coffee. Coffee bar in co-working spaces is like water coolers. People like to chat with each other as they make coffee or top off their mugs. This is a great way to network when you are traveling or working as a remote worker as well.

Plus, if you are working on a deadline, it’s great to not have to find a cafe to get a fresh cup of coffee. Coworking spaces should have multiple creative spaces to work. This can be a phone booth, bench, chair, couch, or wherever that has a common place where one can sit with their laptop for an hour or two.

Also, coworking spaces should be quiet, peaceful, and calm. Or at least have dedicated spaces that have a low noise level. There can be places and times when common areas can pick up foot traffic and people can mingle. But if you are trying to focus and it’s too loud for you to think, that’s not for you.

coworking space should make it easy for people working in it to get their work done in the most effective way possible. When looking for co-working spaces, make a list of what features are you looking for. Use those points as a checklist and pick the one that satisfies as many items as you were looking for according to your checklist

What types of Offices are found in CoWorking Spaces?

Working in coworking spaces has outweighed working from home or working from a traditional office. In co-working spaces, some offices can rent multiple floors in a building. This option is common for agencies and startups. You likely won’t find too many corporate offices in this setting.

The benefit of getting co-working spaces is that your small team of four (for instance) will have a designated workspace. The downside is that some of these company-style private office rooms can be small. You often don’t have a ton of privacy when you share a small room with people all day, as opposed to a larger open-style office that has room to breathe.

Part of why coworking space in Gulberg is so great is that you can use other places within the building, like outdoor spaces, and common areas of multiple kitchens on multiple floors.

Some co-working spaces allow you to customize the look and feel of your rented space. You can use this to your advantage and furnish it however you feel the most comfortable. These can be colorful decorations, fun rugs, fancy chairs, or nice lighting configurations, you just have to name them.

Coworking Spaces Worth It?

Yes! They allow you to get your work done for a small fee. Some coworking spaces offer hot desks for as little as some thousand for one month.

When you work remotely and travel, the cost of coworking reflects the cost of living in various countries. For instance, you may find that co-working in Mexico City will cost only $175 for a month, to get a dedicated desk.

To get a bang for your buck, and if you can travel, consider coworking in some of the best cities like Lahore for coworking remotely which will introduce you to some of the best shared office space in Lahore where you shall have great success, like Coloc.Work.

Plus, when you use a shared space, you don’t have to worry about cleaning, internet and utilities, furniture upgrades and so many other things that come along with renting a private space. For instance, if the co-working spaces decide it’s time to revamp all the coworking furniture and paint all the walls, you won’t get a say in how it’s done, but you will get to enjoy it when the project is complete. It also won’t cost you more than your current monthly membership fee or yearly contract.

If you have a small business with a few employees, having to work in coworking space in Gulberg can act as a home base. It’s where you can have in-person meetings if you choose to have them. It’s where you can allow your employees to come in and get a break from their normal environment. The fee for an office or shared space is a small price to pay if it means that you can do your job faster and more efficiently.

Wrapping up

When choosing coworking spaces to work in, choose wisely because that’s where you are going to work for quite some time or maybe for a long time. Coloc.Work is a coworking space in Gulberg that provides its patrons with the best services and facilities in town. Also, we put forward our packages at an unbeatable rate. You are always more than welcome to work with us!

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