Coworking space is a technique of merging life and work in a viable trend. Coworking spaces mainly provide shared workspaces. They offer reasonable office space for those looking to get rid of the isolation of a home office or any other public space. Co-working provides shared offices space with different companies, teams, or individuals and shared infrastructure and cost. The co-working space offers a collection of office-like facilities such as private conference rooms, kitchens, coffee, dedicated desk, shared desk, and more. Most of the residents in such a coworking space include freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small teams who want to boost their business up in such a flexible and collaborative environment.

However, coworking is more than just sharing infrastructure, cost, or a conference room with another company; coworking space, in its essence, is also about to be a part of a group, creativity, innovation, and flexibility. The main outline of a coworking space is to provide a productive and synergetic environment for its energetic residents.

benefits of a coworking space

Our Users

The typical coworking inmates are:

1. Freelancers

Freelancers create the best of both worlds for themselves in a coworking space as they can enjoy working independently in a coworking community. Therefore, a feeling of community can be developed for those who have been looking for an escape from the isolation of home or a coffee shop.

2. Startups

For the startups, coworking spaces come as a sheer appreciation as they don’t need to pay high costs and commitments. They get the chance to interact with other companies, which may provide them the opportunity to connect with the right people. But coworking spaces aren’t just meant for startups, freelancers, or entrepreneurs. This coworking space work environments provide them an entire diverse environment.

3. Remote Workers

Workers that are distant from the head offices and those who work partially remote, can be allowed to find all the compulsory facilities to stay flexible at a shared workspace. They can either use shared hot desks or the dedicated ones or book the meeting room as well for skype or a phone call.

What do Coworking spaces offer?

  • Shared Offices
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Front Desk Receptions
  • Kitchens
  • Praying Rooms (for both male and females)
  • Rest Rooms
  • Tea & Coffee
  • Network Setups
  • Office Customization

Benefits Of A Coworking Space

There are various benefits for employees in choosing co-working spaces. Here are a listed few.

· Furnishing

As compared to the traditional offices, coworking spaces are provided entirely furnished.

You won’t have to bring all the furniture and other equipment on your own as that requires an immense amount of planning, time and money.

· Flexibility

When working in a coworking space, you are not obliged to continue the membership. If you are happy with the experiences, they provide to you, you can stay. If not, you can cancel anytime. You will not be bounded to any long-term commitments.

· Fees

Based on the tenure or length of the contract, the number of desks (both shared and dedicated) coworking is comparatively less expensive than traditional space. Plus, in a coworking space, you won’t have to deal with the extra expenses of Furniture, utilities, internet, coffee, and maintenance.

· Networking Opportunities

Nothing compares to the unique working and networking opportunities in a shared work environment that develops a sense of community in a collaborative and flexible workspace. You won’t find that in any traditional office space. Working from home or a traditional office keeps you from the opportunities to connect with diversity. One of the benefits of a coworking space is to network with people from different cultures and with like-minded individuals.

· Creativity

Coworking space provides you the prospect where you can expose yourself to new perceptions. Working closely with people and sharing your interests ignites your creativity. While other offices press people so they can become corporate slaves, a coworking space support creativity to increase productivity.

How does Coworking space Work?

One of the advantages of being a part of a coworking space is to rent out whenever you want to because there are no unnecessary engagements. You can cancel at any time. They have a package plan according to every individual’s needs, working days, and hours. Costs vary and allow for flexibility. In the case of a membership, the costs vary whether you want to use a shared desk or a dedicated desk.

Why Choose Us?

Our coworking space in Lahore possesses all the qualities which are being listed above. Coloc.Work provides furnished offices, meeting rooms, hygiene kitchen, shared and dedicated desk, and shared offices as well. Our coworking space is located in the very heart of Lahore. Our amenities include everything that the best coworking around can offer. While many coworking spaces take advantage of situations, Coloc Work treats clients like family and supports their business.

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