Coloc Work Encouraging Women In Coworking Spaces For Empowering Female Entrepreneurs

Female entrepreneurs may not have access to the same resources in Pakistan as male entrepreneurs, Women were often excluded from business or we can say are underrepresented in the business world. They are provided with limited resources and credits. Such as office availabilities even when they are offered these services are not enough, such as a 24/7 place to work in as many of the women have families cannot work in strict 9 to 6 working hours. Many researchers surveyed women in the world to discover their potentials, skills, and goals. Investments in women provide the highest return rate. We do not just provide them with. Female entrepreneurs have less access to financial resources, fewer connections, and on average earn up to 35 percent less than male entrepreneurs.

Coloc work believes in every member of it we provide coworking spaces in Lahore with greater opportunities for everyone. We focus on creating a space where everyone especially women can share ideas and work together, a human-oriented coworking space. In Coloc Work now we help our female members to connect with other women and encourage them to build their businesses. At the most ideal and affordable place in Lahore, with more affordable rates which are unbelievable for the services we offer.

Moreover, we have got the right atmosphere to work for everyone and none of our members are deprived of basic amenities In addition, we are creating a comfortable working environment for our employees, especially women, fulfilling all their business and office needs and requirements. Moreover, we give our female members a unique working experience with enough space to work and relax at any hour of the day. We boast a collaborative working environment that is designed to foster social engagement. Our spacious office facilities have everything you’ll need to work comfortably; we’ve got you covered! We have a safe and friendly environment for you to work in, and everything you need to focus on being productive. We don’t deprive our members of anything. We believe in giving them only the very best. 

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