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“Joy” is an emotion very rarely associated with the workplace.

However, if you have recently spoken with owners and managers of startups that are dealing with the workforce of the future, they will tell you that employees are no longer fooled by money; they seek meaning, progress, and most importantly, “joy.”

These changing trends cause (and sometimes force) business leaders to reevaluate the potential for “joy” jobs.

Traditional office space is becoming obsolete. A job with a monotonous environment is no longer considered desirable. People understand that more than half of the day can be spent in prison in chairs surrounded by boring and isolated huts, and the younger generation finds it embarrassing.

For most leaders, the most obvious choice is to tear down walls for outdoor chairs, add bright colors to give space to live and create coworking space. Others have created play areas for employees to relax and collaborate. Many have learned that these cosmetic adjustments are not a long-term solution. In addition to being boring, the task of arranging such a space can be overwhelming for a growing startup that deals with the more vital dimensions of the business. As a result, some wondered if a noisy office and a cheerful team presented in a shared workspace might be the answer.

First, they relieved founders and directors of the obligation to develop and maintain a productive business environment and gave them more time to focus on building the business. Those who seem to have a hard time deciding to move into a working space in Lahore because of the company’s effectiveness in terms of confidentiality, autonomy, and the protection of the company’s sacred culture.

Is coworking space the solution to leaders’ concerns about an unhappy workforce?

The amount of deliberate attention given to The Hive experience makes us very happy; Every detail counts, from keeping the balance between the sunlight and the heat that enters through the windows to the provision of ergonomic furniture that will not tire your back. Except for bright colors and a calendar of events, shared office space in Lahore is not understood. These details affect the will and productivity of our staff.

Therefore, it depends on the place you choose for your office or freelancing needs whether a coworking space near me is the answer. But one thing is for sure that well-known companies, which have been calling us to change from time to time for years, do not recognize outdated features that make it difficult to keep good staff at work and are overlooked by sharper fish.

What factors should you consider before choosing a coworking space?

At first, the idea of ​​moving employees from sleek office space to a more dynamic and productive workplace may sound appealing until you realize that you need to do more research on shared office space in Lahore before you get hired. Not all common office areas are for you. It’s the “match” that gives you and your company the “fun” of working there.

There may be some things in common that bring you “joy” as an employer, and ultimately make you the best choice for yourself as a leader who makes your employees happy, for example:

The need to hire and coordinate:

There is no problem with hiring a designer or architect to create a fashionable environment to make your stand smoother than ever with coworking space, without achieving the desired creative impact on employee production. Wouldn’t it be easier to join a shared workspace designed to maximize the work, creativity, community-building skills, and productivity of its members? Let the professionals take care of the trouble to trigger your happiness while you and your team live together.

Increasing costs

What manager wouldn’t care about the cost of building a game room that his team reloads and updates every day? happy! This is the situation. More than just the funds you need to create meeting rooms and meeting places, you can keep your mind as a startup founder by focusing on developing your business model.


A shared work environment offers benefits in addition to collaboration. This business offers growth opportunities in response to demand. If you want to grow, get a larger shared office space in Lahore and free up available space. Do you want to shrink? No need for a bigger office. Invest in a more compact space. It all fell on the space agency. Just notice what is effective for your team during the current business cycle of your company.

You should evaluate each interaction between the office and employees to determine if a shared workspace is a “joy” place for your team.

Location and accessibility

It’s hard to find affordable office space in a city, especially if your business is small but requires professional facilities to operate. When this happens, colleagues in the city center, with amazing views and conditions, look attractive. Saving your employees from travel fatigue and anger on their way to work can work wonders for their happiness and enthusiasm.

Unique and common work requirements

Because common areas can take many forms, they can include utility offices and warm offices, in addition to a private office in a shared building, on separate floors, or in a common corridor. Before making your final choice, consider the type of space you may need now and, in the future, as well as the nature of your business. The nature of the tasks your team performs and the environment in which they are performed are interdependent. Collaborating teams seem to prefer public offices, while teams that prefer more private space for productivity benefit the most from closed offices.

The types of people in the common workspace and how well do they fit into the culture you want to develop?

In a shared workspace, corporate culture can be erased or erased because the group of workers is a little mixed up. As an employer, knowing what types of relationships your team uses and whether they are aligned with your company’s culture demonstrates your level of commitment. As a result, you’ll be able to make the right decision to move your team to a shared workspace that offers serotonin-boosting co-workers as opposed to overweight ones.

The ideal pair for you is the one that will help your team feel at home! Isn’t that the goal?

Create a positive environment for them in which they want to connect with you and their work, give their all, and strengthen their organizational citizenship. This feeling can no longer be forced. They must be obtained by stimulating the development of talented employees.

To keep the team, you want, it is important to give them the happiness they are looking for. And a fun collaboration solution could be exactly what your team needs to realize their full creative potential.

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