Co-Working Space in Gulberg, a New Era of Increased Productivity

Coworking space in Gulberg

An Innovation in Workspaces- Co-Working Space in Gulberg

Co-working spaces have revolutionized the way of working. As hybrid and remote working accelerated, they have caused some substantial changes. Also, in the way of working, and resultantly co-working spaces came into existence., a co-working space in Gulberg step up into the market. To meet the increasing demand and need for these community workplaces.

Simply defined, it is a shared office environment. Where individuals or groups from different companies or industries come together to work. Also, it provides individuals and groups with entertained with the same facilities, services, and infrastructure, yet they work independently. People involve, work side-by-side with one other and are still unbothered by each other. It is a business services provision model that aids freelancers, brands, and companies to work. Therefore, independently or collectively in a shared office space and is popular among the masses for its modest look, terrific location, and assistance.

Amenities at for You

We offer a wide range of facilities to our clients and officeholders at the most reasonable rates. Also, our services involve high-speed internet, virtual offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms, very well-maintained offices, and shared desks. You can be entertained by some nice tea and coffee of your own choice at our tea/coffee bar. Plus a dine-in is also available for you to get rid of your appetite in between work.

Why choose

Working with us can serve you with a lot of advantages, starting from a flexible working schedule to a very low-cost working office. Also, working in a co-working space is not like working 9-5, you can design your working docket according to your own will and comfort. Go to your workplace whenever you are free or at whatever time you have got.

You only have to pay for the area you are utilizing by yourself. It is your very own space for working independently and the rest of the area or office spaces shall not bother you at all. Enjoy your work independence by working with us.

Pattern your work time at your convenience, no hard and fast rules are applied. For instance, if you are a freelancer and a student at the same time, you can attend your university in the morning and can get done with your projects at night because is providing a 24 hours services to its clients. We are operating 7 days a week and two shifts, a morning one and an evening one.

Our virtual offices can serve you with mailing and online dealings while you are sitting anywhere in the world. Our professionals shall get this done for you or you can also hire your staff for this purpose. If you are overseas and want to operate from Pakistan, we are at your service with our virtual office plans.

We have designed our meeting spaces for you to hold official meetings with your staff members if you are a company of a lot of people and occupy more than one office space at us. Gather all your employees or company member in one place to hold a meeting with them.

Socializing and networking are one of the flexes of our shared office space in Lahore. In these types of working spaces, you get opportunities to boost your creativity and productivity through socialization and communication. offers you to work in a healthy and friendly environment which usually lack in typical offices.

If you are a young entrepreneur and looking forward to starting your own business or a freelancer who needs their own working space but buying one is not possible at the moment then work with, we could be your best partner.

Working in our office spaces is just like you are working in your favorite café or coffee shop. We offer our clients supple and pliant working. Our community center is best for young and small businesses and of course for freelancers.

Apart from that our services will also make established businesses and brands very super jubilant. If you are a well-established brand and comprise several members in your company, yet don’t want to waste a lot of money on buying an office, you can simply seek our help just by renting one with us. is an all-in-one package under a single roof. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure, high-speed WIFI facility, and affordability attract most young freelancers and entrepreneurs and even well-established businesses.

Our pliable work, inexpensiveness, and great location all together make us no 1 and the best co-working space in Gulberg. The office spaces we rent involve a Dedicated desk, a denizen, and Vampire. You can also hold business events and ceremonies with us. Rent from us for your business start-ups, for would be your best ally.

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