Brand/Trademark Registration In Pakistan

Here we cover the process of brand/trademarks registration in Pakistan by the Intellectual Property Office Pakistan AKA IPO Pakistan. IPO Pakistan was established as an independent organization in the year 2005. Their offices are in many places in Pakistan like Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, and Peshawar. IPO is capable of managing intellectual property services, coordinating all state systems for security, building awareness about intellectual property liberties, and advising the Federal government on problems.

brand/trademark registration in Pakistan

The following question arises from this point regarding Trademark/Brand Registration.

What is a Brand/Trademark?

A brand is any graphical representation that is capable of identifying the goods or services of one to another business.  The subject matter of a brand can be defined as the genuine name of a business.

brand/trademark registration in Pakistan

Brands hold powerful means for identifying goods in the course of trade from the goods of others. Trademark law in Pakistan is governed by the brand’s Ordinance, 2001.


What protections does trademark/brand registration provide?

If you have registered a trademark in your name or your company’s name, you have an exclusive right to use it. You can also license another business to use and charge a fee against it. Registration also provides legal certainty, and if a legal dispute arises, you will have a strong position

IPO Pakistan ensures effective enforcement through various designated agencies like the Police, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), and Pakistan Customs. You can also initiate proceedings to claim damages under sections 46 and 47 of the Brand/Trademark law 2001, corresponding parties who despoil your rights by copying your mark. 

As an owner of a registered trademark, you will have the exclusive right to prevent all third parties from using identical or similar signs in the trade of goods or services.

 What is the Method of Registering a Brand/Trademark in Pakistan?

Brand Registration in Pakistan includes a 5-step system which is as follows:

The 1-step is to discover the order under which goods/services of your business slip. Please keep in mind that you want to register a distinct purpose for each class in which you want to file your trademark/brand. Once the order has been determined, you have to file a Brand/Trademark Search petition before the IPO Pakistan. This petition is filed to classify whether any similar trademark(s) previously exist in the market.

  • The IPO Pakistan will refuse in the following cases:
  • Your brand carries obscene content.
  • Your brand contains any holy/religious figure.
  • If that brand was previously been registered.

The official filing fee for each brand search application is PKR. 1000/-.

2-Step: Once you get the Brand Research ends, you will proceed to register the Brand Registration Application for any class in which you desire to register your brand. Please remark over that you will file a separate application for each class. 

The standard filing price for each brand registration application is PKR. 3000/-.

Note: Identification of adding a form (TM-48) for authorization of an agent with your Trademark Registration Application. The form TM-48 is to be printed on stamp paper with a value of PKR 1000/-.

3-Step: Acknowledgment To Questions Asked By IPO Pakistan 

After evaluation of your application, IPO Pakistan may send you an objection notice(s) asking you about further clarifications around your application. An objection may arise if you file your application for a trademark in an incorrect classification. Once all objections, if any, are satisfied, the IPO may also call you for a hearing before the Registrar to provide answers to any further queries.

4-Step: Publication in the Brand Account

Once that IPO Pakistan is fully satisfied that your brand takes no display of any similarity to any previously registered brand or awaiting registration. To proceed notices to declare your brand in the brand Journal. The purpose here is to provide society a hit to raise any objections to ensure there is no registered brand that has any similar design. 

5-Step: Final Step Of Registration

If no objections are received from the public following the advertisement of your mark in Brand Journal. The IPO Pakistan will issue additional demand notices for submission of the Application for each state in which the application for the trademark was filed. 

This is done to confirm registration and issue a certificate of registration of the brand. The official fee for form this certain application is PKR. 9000/-. You can access all relevant forms stated over at this link. these forms must be submitted in-person at any IPO Pakistan office.


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