Aspects of Collaborative Working- Coworking space in Gulberg

coworking space in Gulberg

Coloc.Work, coworking space in Gulberg

Co-working spaces are shared offices, occupied by or in use by more than one company or individual. Several campaigns, groups, and individuals enjoy working under one roof at the same time. Coloc.Work is a coworking space in Gulberg that is serving its patrons with a shared office environment over the past few years. It is essentially a shared office space that offers an affordable workspace for those looking to escape the isolation of a home office or coffee shop.

Our amenities, facilities, location, and services all together make us the best in our community. We put forward a flexible working schedule for our clients as well as a two shits facility for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You shall definitely be served with increased productivity through the opportunities of socializing and networking that you shall get at us.

We help our clients through various membership-based models and packages and those costs vary and aid you with a lot of flexibility. These include options for daily fees or monthly fees. Membership costs also differ based on whether you want to rent a shared desk or a dedicated one.

Importance of Coworking Spaces for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Coworking spaces have caused nothing less than a revolution in the domain of commercial real estate and transformed the industry for good. Most businesses these days rent co-working spaces to bring in more flexibility in their operations and to enjoy several other benefits, which we shall discuss over the length and breadth of the article. A coworking space has come in as a welcome relief for startups and entrepreneurs who are just starting in their respective fields.

Startups cannot purchase a property to set up their office. The entire process takes an extortionate amount of money and can be quite time-consuming as well. This is also one of the primary reasons most businesses, even those that enjoy a decent turnover, prefer renting co-working spaces. It saves money, time, and effort and allows businesses to concentrate on other essential aspects.

The flexibility and efficacy that co-working spaces offer are benefits that startups, especially those in their very nascent stage, can reap. Therefore, let us now look at all the perks that startups and entrepreneurs can enjoy by renting a shared office.

Coworking Spaces are Flexible?

One of the best reasons for startups to select these spaces to base their operations on is that these spaces are incredibly flexible. This asset of flexibility runs far beyond just flexible office hours. These shared office spaces in Lahore offer startups and entrepreneurs the option of choosing work hours and the place of their work as well. Startups with small teams can opt for a single cabin for their day-to-day work, whereas bigger teams can shift to a larger space with more desks.

Entrepreneurs who are still very much in the early stages of their careers can easily choose to work from the hot desks till the time their team grows. Plus, there is also the factor of time that we cannot ignore. These co-working spaces allow entrepreneurs and startups to choose their work timings and help them scale their businesses.

Coworking Spaces are Professional and thus, Foster Growth

It is true that startups and entrepreneurs have the option to work from home. The idea might be quite comforting. However, it is also something that can hinder the growth of a startup or an entrepreneur. Coworking spaces come in as a welcome relief in such scenarios. These office spaces are professional and ensure that you are far away from distractions of any sort. 

The professional setup also works wonders for your business in that it grabs the attention of potential clients and helps you create a solid first impression. Plus, you need a fully-functional office at your disposal if you are meeting with your clients and engaging in conversations about any project. A few co-working spaces like our coworking space in Lahore also provide guidance about how you could book the conference room and what a meeting would look like so that you can make an informed decision about renting the area.

Coworking Spaces Offer a Lower Capital Expenditure

Startups may not be able to purchase their own place, at least not when they are just starting. The entire process of buying a place is cumbersome and involves a lot of money. Plus, it might also not be possible for startups to rent a traditional office space. These spaces have high rent and are not something that an entrepreneur or a startup can afford. Plus, in all honesty, renting a traditional office space or buying the same does not make sense because startups and entrepreneurs do not need an entire building for their work.

Co-working spaces allow startups to pay according to the number of seats booked, which is a lucrative option. Renting a desk is much more affordable and logistically sane than renting an entire office. Therefore, a lower capital expenditure is one of the most important benefits that startups and entrepreneurs can reap by working there. The amount of money that startups can save working in these places can be invested into something vital and more important.

Wrapping Up

Co-working spaces have a myriad of benefits to offer. These spaces are vibrant, chic, and suit the sensibilities of the modern-day. Office spaces do not have to be boring and a place where you can cut the tension with a knife. They can be cheerful, sustainable, fun, and a place that promotes growth and inclusivity.

We at Coloc.Work offers all these and more, like pantry, printing, and parking facilities. The motto of our coworking space in Gulberg is to provide comfort to our clients and help them scale their businesses as well. That is why we tend to play an essential role in the growth of startups and entrepreneurs. Our financial affordability and working flexibility can help you in one and all other ways around.

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