A Promising Phenomenon – Co-Working Space in Gulberg

coworking space in Gulberg

Coloc.Work- Co-Working Space in Gulberg

With the rapid increase in trends of remote and hybrid working. Co-working spaces have become a very popular phenomenon for independent working. Coloc.Work is a co-working space in Gulberg and a promising shared office space in the community.

Also, due to its prevailing acceptance and potential for disruptive change. It has revolutionized the way of working and proved to be an auspicious phenomenon in freelancing and entrepreneurship. Over all these years of working, Coloc.Work has gained popularity in its clique for its efficiency, flexibility, and legitimacy.

What’s a Co-working Space?

Therefore, for a better understanding of co-working spaces and Coloc.Work, first, we need to know what exactly co-working spaces are. Co-working spaces are simply shared office spaces between individuals and groups of different companies, brands, and strata. Who work together in the same workspace yet have nothing to do with each other’s business.

In other words, it is a concept of independent working in a shared office environment. People involved, work side-by-side with one another and are still unbothered by each other. Sets of people and bodies working in these collaborative labs are entertained by the same services, facilities, and infrastructure.

co-working space ­is an ultimate source of socializing and a new era of increased productivity for your business or work. Groups or people that work in these community hubs are small business holders. Young entrepreneurs, and freelancers, most of the time. Networking, bold communication, and socializing provide them with raised productivity and open a door for new business. Opportunities in front of them which is a necessity for new start-ups.

What Coloc.Work Put forward for you?

We facilitate our clients/tenants with the best amenities in all of the community. Starting from a state-of-the-art infrastructure to the finest location. We offer a glamorous environment, the fastest internet, and well-maintained meeting rooms. And conference rooms for you to hold meetings with your clients. As well as with your team or group, fully furnished offices/desks, and 24 hours non-stop electricity.

Apart from that, we have a super professional, well-trained, helping and cooperative staff. Also, we offer a dine-in facility for you to enjoy your meal in a very exquisite environment. Plus you can entertain yourself with some nice warm tea or coffee when you need a break from your tiring work, by our bar at any hour of the day for it is there for you all the time and costs you nothing.

Furthermore, we bounce a very flexible working for you, it’s not like going for a 9 to 5 job. Working in our shared office space in Lahore is just like working in your favorite coffee café, no hard and fast rules are applied, come to your workplace at any time of the day and leave when you are done. Design your exertion hours according to your comfort and will.

You can perform your work activities in a very friendly environment while working with us, which usually lacks in typical offices. Fraternizing is one of the most highlighted affairs of our office space and it can make your work very fertile and helps you increase your productivity. Coloc.Work helps you grab opportunities for your product and services regardless of at what level you are working.

Also, you can offer Namaz in our office Mosque where there are separate prayer rooms for males and females. Take a break from your work and lay your head on the prayer mat for some rest and your time with The Almighty. Offering Jummah prayer is such an event for all of our staff members and office sharers to gather there all at once.

On the other hand, our safe lockers are here for you to keep your luggage in. Also, you can come and go at any hour of your working day, your workspace and work luggage shall remain untouched and unbothered for we provide high security and our office space is fully equipped with high-end security cameras. We also provide our clients with a parking facility, you can park your vehicles there, by our guards and security staff.

Affordability is something that makes us no 1 in the whole town. Our packages are so super budget-friendly and economical. In this era of increasing inflation where everything is going out of the common man’s hands, we enable our office and desk holders a cost-cut working while enjoying the best facilities. All of these provisions, all together make us the best co-working space in Lahore.

What we assist you with

We assist our tenants with the below-mentioned services;

Virtual Offices.

Office Spaces.

Meeting Spaces.

Co-working Space.

Technical Recruitment Services.

These are the services that we disport our tenants with. Therefore, working at Coloc.Work will serve you with unlimited advantages, virtual offices are one of those many. Our virtual offices can serve you with mailing and online dealings while you are sitting anywhere in the world. Our professionals shall get this done for you. If you are overseas and want to operate from Pakistan, we are at your service with our virtual offices.

Our offices are perfect for you to rent if you are not willing to waste a lot of money on purchasing land or office in an expensive building. We have perfectly maintained meeting rooms for you to hold official meetings and events. Our co-working spaces are an amazing source of socializing and working together.

Coloc.Work is an all-in-one package for business start-ups and freelancers, under one roof. Our co-working space in Gulberg is everything a young entrepreneur could desire for. Our exceptional working credibility, inexpensiveness, and glamorous location all together make us no 1 in our community. Come work with us for your increased work productivity for we shall be your best working allies.

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